The Comprehensive Guide to Buy Font: Understanding and Selecting Font Licenses

Whether you’re a graphic designer, web developer, or marketer, choosing the right font is essential for conveying the intended message effectively. However, buying fonts involves more than just selecting the right style. Understanding font licenses is equally important to ensure legal compliance and usage rights. In this guide, we’ll explore the various font licenses available, with a focus on the offerings from TypeType foundry, covering desktop, webfont, app, digital ads, video & broadcasting, video games, eBook, server, and unlimited licenses.

Desktop License

The desktop license allows you to install and use the font on a specified number of computers within your organization for design projects, presentations, and printed materials. TypeType offers desktop licenses for their fonts, granting you the flexibility to use them across multiple desktop devices for your design needs.

Webfont License

A webfont license is essential for websites and online projects. This license permits the conversion of fonts into web formats and their use on websites through CSS. TypeType offers webfont licenses tailored for different web usage scenarios, ensuring your website’s typography aligns with your brand’s identity across various browsers and devices.

App License

If you’re developing a mobile or desktop application, an app license is necessary to embed fonts within the application interface. TypeType’s app licenses enable developers to incorporate their fonts seamlessly into their applications, enhancing the overall user experience and visual appeal.

Digital Ads License

In the realm of digital advertising, fonts play a crucial role in capturing audience attention and conveying brand messages effectively. TypeType’s digital ads licenses allow advertisers to use their fonts in online advertisements, ensuring consistency in branding and design across different ad campaigns and platforms.

Video & Broadcasting License

Fonts are integral to video production and broadcasting, contributing to the visual aesthetics and readability of on-screen text. TypeType offers licenses specifically for video and broadcasting, allowing broadcasters, filmmakers, and content creators to use their fonts in TV shows, films, commercials, and other video productions.

Videogames License

Fonts in video games are not just functional; they contribute to the immersive gaming experience and help establish the game’s visual identity. TypeType’s video game licenses cater to game developers, enabling them to incorporate high-quality fonts into their games for in-game text, UI elements, and branding.

EBook License

For authors and publishers venturing into digital publishing, font selection is crucial for enhancing readability and visual appeal in eBooks. TypeType’s eBook licenses permit the embedding of fonts into electronic publications, ensuring consistent typography across various eReader devices and platforms.

Server License

In scenarios where fonts are dynamically generated or served through a server, such as in web applications or cloud-based services, a server license is necessary. TypeType’s server licenses provide the flexibility to use their fonts in server-based applications, ensuring consistent rendering across different user interfaces and devices.

Unlimited License

For organizations with extensive design needs and multiple projects, an unlimited license offers the ultimate flexibility. TypeType’s unlimited license grants unrestricted usage rights, allowing for the use of their fonts across all platforms and mediums without limitations.


The above mentioned post helps you to buy font. The right font license is as crucial as choosing the right font itself. Understanding the different licenses available and their implications is essential to ensure legal compliance and protect your design investments. With Type Type’s comprehensive range of font licenses tailored for various usage scenarios, designers, developers, and marketers can confidently integrate high-quality fonts into their projects, enhancing visual communication and brand presence across different mediums.

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