Post-Pandemic Entertainment Trends

As a species, we have always been in a state of evolution. We have gone from cave-dwelling savages to space-exploring astronauts. From inventing the wheel to proving the existence of the Higgs-Boson particle, we have come a long way. We have worked hard to create the world we live in, which has obviously strained our lives. In recent times, COVID-19 has done quite a number on the way that we live. There has been a significant change in the way we work, study, interact, earn, and entertain ourselves. Some people have permanently moved to work remotely while others have become warier of their health.

One of the consequences of the pandemic was our reliance on different forms of entertainment to get us through those long lockdowns. For almost two years, we were forced to socially distance ourselves from each other and stay at home. This has directly influenced the way we consume entertainment.

Entertainment Trends

This article will talk about all the trends that have emerged in recent times following the pandemic.


For a long time, streaming services have become the singular source for millions of people around the world. The video-on-demand segment is expected to grow to 1.924 billion users by 2027. This shows that these services are showing no signs of slowing down. Over time, many video-on-demand services have produced their own content and made region-specific content to create a bigger audience. This has started to reap rewards as video-on-demand revenue is expected to grow by 10.72% annually up until 2027.

There are currently several video-on-demand platforms available to choose from. These include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and Crunchy Roll among others. These services carry many legacy titles as well as produce originals that have gained critical acclaim. For example, Disney+ has done a stellar job of consolidating iconic productions into one service along with creating many Marvel productions that have tied in wonderfully to the Marvel cinematic universe.

Music Streaming

Pandemic or not, we have all enjoyed listening to music. In recent times, music streaming services such as Spotify have allowed millions of users to listen to their favorite music and also discover new music. Moreover, the rise in social media means that TikTok and Instagram Reels have pushed for music to go viral with certain videos. During the pandemic, billions of people worked with music playing in the background.

As a result of an uptick in music consumption, many brands have amended their marketing strategies to leverage new music. In Netflix’s thriller Stranger Things, ‘Running up that hill’ by Kate Bush found a resurgence after having gone under the radar since 1985. This goes to show that music is incredibly powerful and music streaming will almost certainly reign supreme after video-on-demand when it comes to entertainment.

Social Media

In the past, social media was simply used as a means to keep in touch with friends and family. Billions of people were able to stay connected with people from around the globe and it made the world a lot smaller. Since then, social media has evolved into a driving force for change. It has changed the way we live, share details of our lives, and even do business. Major social media platforms have introduced tools for people to buy, sell, trade, and even make payments. Social media is also being used by brands to drive traffic to their website and bring in customers. It is the single most powerful tool for marketing owing to the billions of users on the platform.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have established names in this space but in recent times, TikTok has come in to spoil the fun for everyone. The short-form video platform has taken the world by storm and thanks to the pandemic, it has crossed two-and-a-half billion downloads across different platforms. This has birthed a new form of content and a new genre for content creation. TikTok has proven especially popular with Gen-Z who are the largest demographic group on the app. After launching tools for monetization, a flurry of creators has migrated from other platforms towards TikTok which has caught the eyes of brands and advertisers.

Leveraging the mammoth influence that social media has on the world, it comes as no surprise that it has a sizable influence on all forms of entertainment. In the past, celebrities were introduced to the world by starring in movies, cable TV shows, as musicians, or after doing something incredibly noteworthy. Now, all you need is enough viral content to become a celebrity. TikTok star Khaby Lame is a prime example of this. His unique style of debunking different videos by pointing out the obvious that was being neglected without saying a single word was a worldwide success. He went from working a difficult job with abhorrent wages to becoming an international celebrity with millions of dollars to his name.


The pandemic has us holed up in our homes and we needed to keep ourselves entertained. Similar to other forms of entertainment, gaming found its place during the pandemic. At the height of the pandemic, people were playing video games on PC, console, and mobile more than ever before. During Q2 2020, close to 87% of consumers were playing games on one of these devices.

Livestreaming video games have also become incredibly common with streamers playing games and their audience watching. This audience can donate money to their streamer of choice or simply talk to them via chat. This has allowed many people to showcase their talent to the rest of the world with this fueling e-sports as a competitive discipline. Many brands have moved to sponsoring these streams and leveraging a new form of content to generate revenue. As a bonus, many content creators have been able to integrate affiliate marketing into the fold as well thereby allowing them to add another income stream to their arsenal.


From the Romans in the coliseums to live streaming today, our entertainment has drastically changed over time. It has gone through many evolutions and who knows what is to come in the future. With each passing day, there is something more exciting on the horizon. It could build on the past or be something new entirely.

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