Learn All About Google Pacman Doodle

Google Pacman Doodle is a fun way for Google to commemorate its 20th anniversary. This year’s doodle features the classic arcade game Pacman in all its 2D glory. If you’re curious about how it was created, or just want to know more about it, read on for some helpful tips.

What is Google Pacman Doodle?

Google Pacman Doodle is an online celebration of the cult classic video game Pac-Man. The doodle features the iconic yellow and green ghosts as well as the iconic game board, all rendered in a variety of Google colors. As part of the doodle, users can play Pac-Man directly on Google’s homepage or explore related content on Google.

How does Google Pacman Doodle work?

Google’s annual doodle celebrates its fifth anniversary this year and Google has released a video detailing how the doodle works. The process begins with a month-long brainstorming session where Google employees come up with ideas for doodles. Then, the team selects the most popular sketches and turns them into actual drawings. Next, they create an animation using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Lastly, they post the final artwork on Google’s website.

Benefits of Google Pacman 

Google’s Pacman doodle is a fun way to learn about the Google search engine. The doodle features Pacman eating dots while moving along a maze. As you play, you can see how different words are related to each other by following the path of the dots.


Google’s Pacman Doodle is an iconic internet meme that celebrates the game of Pac-Man by turning every website on the web into a version of the classic maze game. The anniversary celebration ran from April 22nd to May 5th and saw Google turn over more than 2.5 million websites into mini versions of their favorite game. If you’re curious about how this all works, or just want to have some fun, check out our guide to.

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