How to cleaning headlights with magic eraser

If you have headlights that are dirty, you can cleaning headlights with magic eraser. This is a quick and easy way to get your headlights looking clean and new again.

How to cleaning headlights with magic eraser

If your headlights are looking dull, we’ve got a quick and easy way to clean them up! 

Start by wetting the cleaning headlights with magic eraser and then rubbing it over the headlight.If your headlights are still looking cloudy, repeat the process. You may need to do it a few times to get them completely clean.

And that’s it! In just a few minutes, you can have clean headlights that will make your car look much better.

Here are some benefits of cleaning your headlights eraser:

1. Improved Visibility

If your headlights are dull, it can be difficult to see when driving at night or in low-light conditions. Cleaning your headlights with a magic eraser will help improve your visibility and make it easier to see when driving.

2. Safe and Easy to Use

Cleaning your headlights eraser is safe and easy to do. Just wet the eraser and rub it on the headlight.

3. Restores Headlights to Like-New Condition

Over time, your headlights can become yellowed and cloudy. This is caused by a build-up of wax, dirt and grime. Cleaning them with a magic eraser will remove this build-up and restore the original clarity and shine.

4. Saves Money

If your headlights are dull, you may be tempted to buy new ones. But this can be expensive. A better option is to clean them with a magic eraser. This will save you money and help extend the life of your headlights.

5. Protects Your Car’s Finish

When your headlights are clean, it helps protect your car’s finish. This is because dirt and grime can cause scratching and other damage. Keeping your headlights clean will help keep your car’s finish looking like new.

Cleaning your headlights with a magic eraser is a quick and easy way to restore them to their original condition. This will improve your visibility on the road

The best way to clean headlights with a magic eraser

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to clean your headlights, a magic eraser is a great option. Magic erasers are made of a material that is safe for car paint and headlight lenses, and they’re effective at removing dirt, grime, and another build-up.

To use a magic eraser on your headlights, start by wetting the eraser with water. Then, gently rub the eraser on the headlight in a circular motion. Be sure to avoid scrubbing too hard, as this can damage the headlight lens.

If your headlights are extremely dirty, you may want to use a headlight cleaning kit that includes a magic eraser. These kits usually come with a cleaner and a polishing compound that will help to restore the headlight’s shine. Read more…


Cleaning headlights with magic eraser is a great way to make them look like new again. First, wet the magic eraser and then rub it on the headlights. Be sure to rub in a circular motion. Then, rinse the headlights with water and dry them off.

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