Date Kim Taehyung Became Active as a Musical Artist

Do you remember the first time you felt the power of music? It was like a gust of wind, sweeping you away into a world where anything was possible.

That’s exactly how it was for Kim Taehyung, the day he became active as a musical artist. With an early passion for music, he honed his skills at Big Hit Entertainment, immersing himself in a world of melodies and lyrics.

And then, on that fateful day, he debuted as a member of BTS, a group that would change the landscape of the music industry.

But Taehyung’s journey didn’t stop there. He took a leap of faith and released his own solo music, showcasing his unique artistry and captivating the hearts of millions. It was a date that marked the beginning of true freedom and boundless creativity.

Early Passion for Music

During your early years, you developed a strong passion for music. Your musical influences played a crucial role in shaping your love for the art form. From an early age, you were exposed to a wide range of genres, including classical, rock, and hip-hop.

These diverse influences allowed you to appreciate and draw inspiration from various musical styles. As you grew older, you began to explore your own musical abilities through early performances. Whether it was singing in school talent shows or playing an instrument in local bands, these early experiences helped you refine your skills and gain confidence in your abilities as a musician.

Through these formative years, your passion for music continued to grow, setting the stage for your future as a successful musical artist.

Training at Big Hit Entertainment

You frequently trained at Big Hit Entertainment to prepare for your career as a musical artist. The training program at Big Hit is renowned for its emphasis on developing well-rounded performers.

As part of your training, you underwent rigorous vocal training to enhance your singing abilities. The vocal coaches at Big Hit provided personalized guidance to help you improve your technique, range, and control.

In addition to vocal training, you also dedicated countless hours to dance practice. The choreographers at Big Hit pushed you to master intricate dance routines, ensuring that you possessed the skills necessary to captivate an audience with your moves.

The training at Big Hit Entertainment not only honed your musical talents but also fostered discipline, determination, and a strong work ethic that would serve you well in your journey as a musical artist.

Debut as a Member of BTS

The culmination of your training at Big Hit Entertainment led to your debut as a member of BTS, marking the beginning of your journey as a musical artist. Your debut had a significant impact on the K-pop industry, as it introduced a fresh and innovative style of music that resonated with fans worldwide.

BTS quickly gained global recognition and developed a massive fanbase, known as the ‘ARMY.’ Their music, performances, and relatable lyrics captivated audiences, transcending language barriers and cultural differences. The group’s ability to connect with fans on a deep emotional level played a crucial role in their success.

Through their groundbreaking achievements and unprecedented popularity, BTS has become a symbol of empowerment and inspiration for many, demonstrating the power of music to unite people from all walks of life.

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Official Release as a Solo Artist

After debuting as a member of BTS, Kim Taehyung began actively releasing music as a solo artist on a regular basis. His solo debut came in 2016 with the release of his self-composed track ‘Stigma’ on BTS’ album ‘Wings.’ Since then, Taehyung has continued to showcase his musical talents through his solo releases.

As a solo artist, Taehyung explores different genres and incorporates his personal musical influences into his work. His unique style draws inspiration from various artists such as John Legend, Bruno Mars, and The Neighbourhood, blending soulful vocals with contemporary pop and R&B sounds.

Through his solo releases, Taehyung has been able to express his individuality and artistic vision, captivating listeners with his emotive performances and distinct musicality. His solo career has allowed him the freedom to explore different musical avenues and establish himself as a versatile artist outside of BTS.


Kim Taehyung, also known as V, has blossomed into a brilliant musical maestro. His early love for music, combined with rigorous training at Big Hit Entertainment, paved the way for his sensational debut as a member of BTS.

However, it was his official release as a solo artist that truly showcased his talent and versatility. With his captivating charisma and stunning vocals, Taehyung has become an unstoppable force in the music industry, leaving fans in awe of his artistic abilities.

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