Cnpj 39.544.456/0001-58

Are you ready to uncover the secret behind CNPJ 39.544.456/0001-58? Brace yourself, because this unique identification number holds immense power and influence in the realm of business.

It’s like the key that unlocks the gate to financial freedom and success. With CNPJ 39.544.456/0001-58, you gain the ability to establish your own company, make strategic partnerships, and navigate the vast landscape of entrepreneurship.

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What Is CNPJ and Its Purpose

CNPJ is a unique identification number assigned to businesses operating in Brazil, and its purpose is to track and regulate their activities.

Having a CNPJ provides numerous benefits for businesses. Firstly, it establishes legal recognition and credibility, allowing companies to operate transparently and gain the trust of customers and partners.

With a CNPJ, businesses can issue invoices, participate in public bids, and access financing options from banks and financial institutions. Additionally, it enables companies to comply with tax obligations and contributes to the formalization of the economy.

Through the CNPJ system, the government can monitor business activities and ensure compliance with regulations, fostering a fair and competitive marketplace.

Understanding the Structure of CNPJ 39.544.456/0001-58

To understand the structure of CNPJ 39.544.456/0001-58, you need to know how the number is composed.

The CNPJ number is divided into four segments:

  • The first eight digits represent the company’s registration number.
  • The following four digits indicate the branch or establishment code.
  • The next two digits represent the verifier digits.
  • The final two digits are reserved for internal use.

The first segment of the CNPJ, 39.544.456, holds the registration number, which identifies the company.

The branch or establishment code, 0001, is used to differentiate different branches or establishments of the same company.

The verifier digits, 58, serve as a check to ensure the accuracy of the CNPJ.

Decoding the meaning of each segment of the CNPJ allows for a better understanding of its structure.

Decoding the Meaning Behind CNPJ 39.544.456/0001-58

Let’s decode the meaning behind CNPJ 39.544.456/0001-58 by understanding its structure and the significance of each segment.

The CNPJ, or Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica, is a unique identification number used by businesses in Brazil.

The first segment, 39, represents the state registration code, indicating the state where the company is registered.

The second segment, 544.456, is the company identification number, assigned sequentially by the government.

The third segment, 0001, is the branch code, used to differentiate between different branches of the same company.

Finally, the last segment, 58, is the verification digit, calculated based on the other digits to ensure the accuracy of the CNPJ.

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The Importance of CNPJ 39.544.456/0001-58 in the Business Landscape

Understanding the significance of CNPJ 39.544.456/0001-58 is crucial for businesses operating in Brazil. The CNPJ, or Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica, is the unique identification number assigned to businesses by the Brazilian government.

It serves as a crucial tool in business operations, providing a range of benefits. Firstly, having a valid CNPJ is a legal requirement for conducting business in Brazil, ensuring compliance with tax obligations and regulations.

Additionally, a valid CNPJ enables businesses to establish credibility and trust with customers, suppliers, and financial institutions. It also allows access to government resources, such as loans, grants, and subsidies.

Moreover, a valid CNPJ facilitates partnerships and collaborations with other businesses, opening doors to new opportunities.


In conclusion, the CNPJ 39.544.456/0001-58 plays a crucial role in the business landscape. It serves as an identification number for companies in Brazil and helps ensure transparency and accountability.

Just like a compass guides a traveler in unknown territory, the CNPJ guides businesses by providing essential information and facilitating transactions.

Without this unique identifier, the business world would be chaotic and difficult to navigate.

Embracing the significance of CNPJ 39.544.456/0001-58 is essential for success in the Brazilian marketplace.

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