Briansclub: Examination Reveals Slippery CC Dump Receptacle Commercial centers

In recent years, the rise of online shopping and digital transactions has led to an increase in credit card fraud. As a result, cybercriminals have been constantly finding new ways to obtain credit card information and sell it on the dark web. One such platform that has gained notoriety in the underground market is This website claims to be a marketplace for buying and selling stolen credit card information, but a recent examination has revealed some alarming findings. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of Briansclub and discuss the implications of its operations.

The Rise of Briansclub

Briansclub was first discovered in 2014 by Brian Krebs, a renowned cybersecurity journalist. The website operates as a forum where users can buy and sell stolen credit card data. It has gained popularity among cybercriminals due to its ease of use and the wide range of credit card information available. According to a report by Gemini Advisory, Briansclub has over 26 million credit cards listed for sale, making it one of the largest platforms of its kind.


The Business Model of Briansclub

Briansclub operates on a commission-based business model. Sellers list their stolen credit card information on the website, and when a buyer makes a purchase, Briansclub takes a percentage of the sale. The website also offers a membership program where users can pay a monthly fee to access a larger pool of credit card data. This membership program has attracted many cybercriminals who are looking for a steady supply of stolen credit card information.

The Slippery Nature of Briansclub

One of the most concerning aspects of Briansclub is its slippery nature. The website is constantly changing its domain name and hosting provider to evade law enforcement agencies. This makes it difficult for authorities to shut down the website and track its operations. Briansclub also uses various encryption techniques to protect its users’ identities, making it challenging for law enforcement agencies to identify the buyers and sellers on the website.

The Examination of Briansclub

In October 2019, a team of researchers from Gemini Advisory conducted an examination of Briansclub. They were able to gain access to the website’s database and analyze the credit card information listed for sale. The findings of this examination were alarming and revealed some significant insights into the operations of Briansclub.

The Source of Stolen Credit Card Information

The examination revealed that the majority of the credit card data listed on Briansclub was obtained through Magecart attacks. Magecart is a term used to describe a group of cybercriminals who specialize in stealing credit card information from e-commerce websites. These attackers use malicious code to steal credit card details when a customer makes a purchase on an infected website. The stolen data is then sold on platforms like Briansclub.

The Quality of Stolen Credit Card Information

The examination also revealed that the credit card data listed on Briansclub was of high quality. This means that the stolen information was recently obtained and had not yet been canceled by the issuing banks. The researchers found that the average price for a credit card on Briansclub was $10, which is significantly higher than other similar platforms. This indicates that the stolen credit card data on Briansclub is in high demand and of good quality.

The Geographic Distribution of Stolen Credit Card Information

Another interesting finding of the examination was the geographic distribution of the stolen credit card information. The majority of the cards listed on Briansclub were from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and Canada. This suggests that Briansclub primarily targets customers from these countries.

Implications of Briansclub’s Operations

The operations of Briansclub have significant implications for both consumers and businesses. The availability of stolen credit card information on the website makes it easier for cybercriminals to commit fraud and make unauthorized purchases. This not only affects the victims whose credit card information has been stolen but also damages the reputation of businesses that have been targeted by Magecart attacks.

The Impact on Consumers

Consumers are the primary victims of Briansclub’s operations. When their credit card information is stolen and sold on platforms like Briansclub, they may face financial losses and damage to their credit score. They may also have to go through the hassle of canceling their credit cards and disputing fraudulent charges. Moreover, if their personal information is also compromised, they may become victims of identity theft, which can have long-term consequences.

Protecting Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

To protect themselves from credit card fraud, consumers should be vigilant when making online transactions. They should only use trusted websites and avoid entering their credit card information on suspicious or unfamiliar websites. It is also essential to regularly monitor credit card statements and report any unauthorized charges immediately. Additionally, using two-factor authentication and strong passwords can add an extra layer of security to online accounts.

The Role of Financial Institutions

Financial institutions also play a crucial role in protecting their customers from credit card fraud. They should invest in robust security measures to prevent data breaches and regularly monitor for any suspicious activity. They should also educate their customers about the risks of online transactions and provide them with tools to secure their accounts, such as one-time passwords and virtual credit cards.

The Importance of Collaboration

Collaboration between financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, and cybersecurity experts is crucial in combating platforms like Briansclub. By working together, they can share information and resources to track down cybercriminals and shut down their operations. This collaboration can also help in developing better security measures to prevent data breaches and protect consumers’ sensitive information.


The examination of Briansclub has revealed some concerning findings about the operations of this platform. The availability of high-quality stolen credit card information on the website poses a significant threat to consumers and businesses alike. It is essential for all stakeholders, including consumers, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies, to work together to combat platforms like Briansclub and protect against credit card fraud. By staying vigilant and implementing robust security measures, we can make it difficult for cybercriminals to operate and safeguard our sensitive information.

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