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5 Reasons Why Companies Should Outsource 2D Animation for Branding

Animation outsourcing has become a tempting option for businesses, no matter whether it’s 2D or 3D. Big entertainment giants like IMAX, The Walt Disney, etc., have outsourced many of their animation services to Asian countries, especially India.

India is deemed the perfect outsourcing destination because it has a significant base of English-speaking workforce, making it easier for foreign clients to communicate their requirements.

Here, we’ll discuss the top five reasons why companies should outsource 2D animation services.

1.      Cost-Effectiveness

A major benefit you get when you decide to outsource animation services is cost savings. From a business perspective, it’s the biggest advantage because you work hard to make the maximum profit at the end of the day.

Outsourcing offers you two-fold advantages, as it saves you a significant amount of money and lets you focus on core business functions.

If you’re wondering how outsourcing aids in saving capital, note that American animators charge around $125 per hour, while the cost for the same work goes up to $25 per hour in India. It means companies save $100 per hour, which is quite significant.

2.      Timely Output 

The reason you should outsource 2D animation services is that you get the desired output. All you need to do is contact a reputed outsourcing company that ensures timely output and makes sure that there will be no compromise with respect to quality.

To secure long-term relationships with clients, outsourcing companies always make sure that their animators’ work goes through multiple layers of quality checks. It allows them to meet SLA (Service Level Agreement) and the ISO standard.

In case the client is not happy with the delivered work, they can easily ask for the revisions because there are no extra charges for that. In addition, outsourcing companies make sure that all the rework gets done within 24 hours.

3.      One-Stop Destination for All Your Business Needs

Animation work consumes a lot of time because you must make sure that everything is done with high precision. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the company to which you have chosen to outsource youranimation services, offers all the solutions you need for your business.

Esteemed outsourcing companies follow a proper process, which goes in this manner – Scripting, Storyboarding, Voice over, Layout Designing, Animatics, Key Frames, Cleanup & Coloring, Flash Rigging & Animation, Compositing & Editing, and Final Rendering.

Plus, you don’t have to invest in the latest applications because outsourcing companies keep everything like Adobe Photoshop, PowToon, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, etc., at their disposal.

4.      Employee Retention

It may come as a surprise to you that outsourcing can help you with employee retention as well. Generally, the employee turnover rate increases when companies ask their teams to do what they aren’t known for.

Companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, expect their employees to do outstanding animation work, who just have the basic knowledge of powerful tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, etc. Since it is creative work, such employees invest a lot of time. However, their hard work goes in vain straight away when their employers are not impressed with their under-par work. This results either in termination or resignation after some point in time.

Here, you can outsource 2D animation servicesto ensure that your employees do what they love and stay productive as much as possible. It not only promises employee retention but also makes sure that you get a bang for each buck. Since outsourcing is a pocket-friendly option, you shouldn’t be worrying about the investment.

5.      Stringent Security

Generally, business owners hesitate to outsource their non-core business functions because they think sensitive data will be compromised at some point in time.

This is nothing but a myth because outsourcing companies also understand that if they are getting a contract from a reputed company, they must make sure that all the classified information stays safe. They do not take this lightly because they understand that they will be in a huge legal problem if the data of the client gets compromised.

To maintain relationships with clients, outsourcing companies take several measures like NDA (Non-disclosure Agreements), GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulations) compliance, etc. To leave no stone unturned, they use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and sometimes go one step further by transferring files using VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Wrapping Up

The need for animation production has increased unprecedentedly because brands have understood that they can promote their offerings effectively if they use attention-grabbing animations. However, they fall short while producing high-quality animation due to the lack of time and resources. In some cases, their inexperienced team becomes a headache.

This is where outsourcing comes to the rescue because when you hand over 2D animation services to professionals, you can expect quality work all the time. We have given you valid reasons why you should consider outsourcing animation services. We hope you will take the best call for your business and accomplish your objectives, consequently.

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